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20' 5-speed RS5F91R whine

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When I bought the car a couple months ago there was a slight whine while accelerating in 1st gear. Over time it has gotten louder and eventually started whining in all 5 gears. It does this also while decelerating, and the higher the gear the quieter the whine (for both acceleration & deceleration)

Correct me if I'm wrong but Nissan has used the RS5F91R in 5-speed Versas since 2012.

So for all the 5-speed owners, is this normal for this transmission or do I need to take it to the dealership?

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Chris, this sucks, but what's transpired so far for you is exactly how I would have figured it would go. If something isn't obviously broken or there isn't a code set or stored, nothing is going to happen. You can keep copies of the service visits and the visit may or may not get stored in the dealer's system. We have no control or say on that end of it.

What REALLY P's me off is when the service advisors or managers say stupid chit like "you have more power with Nissan than I do". Please... Our only window into the horrible world that is Nissan is through the dealer network. If you call or deal with 1-800 Nissan (or what ever the # it is), they'll ultimately only go by info fed to them by a dealer.

5MTs in this segment of new vehicle are basically non-existent today and there's probably very few Nissan techs if any that would know how to troubleshoot one outside of what a Nissan factory service manual might say. Nothing against the techs! It's just how it is.

I'd probably do fluid changes on it early and often. If it's not the gearbox itself, the slave cylinder setup and design sucks on this transaxle. I'd want an extended warranty if you plan on keeping the car to 100K miles or beyond.
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