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20' 5-speed RS5F91R whine

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When I bought the car a couple months ago there was a slight whine while accelerating in 1st gear. Over time it has gotten louder and eventually started whining in all 5 gears. It does this also while decelerating, and the higher the gear the quieter the whine (for both acceleration & deceleration)

Correct me if I'm wrong but Nissan has used the RS5F91R in 5-speed Versas since 2012.

So for all the 5-speed owners, is this normal for this transmission or do I need to take it to the dealership?

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It's a engineering design flaw. The MT 5 speed rs5f91r has no pilot bearing to disperse the load of engine engagement. Therefore the input shaft of this particular transmission has heavy side loading which promptly wears out the bearings and possibly the gears as well.
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