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Yesterday test drove 2009 Altima 2.5 S cvt. Very competent car. Roomy, comfy, well equipped, quiet, smooth CVT/4cyl usage. Three of us fit in the back with minimal fuss. Need to try 3.5/cvt and a few more options. Not getting car without heated seats, especially if I will "inherit" it to drive to work when wife is done with it. Like that 200000km cvt warranty!

Then drove 2007 Infiniti G35S manual sedan, black on black leather. Very very nice car! First year for facelift, last year before 3.7 motor. Not as wide and roomy as Altima, and short on driver's head room:(but way more of a driver's car:) The shifter was a little heavier than i anticipated. More road noise from front than i liked, but didn't have new tires on it yet [18inch]. Glad i brought my son to figure out the screen and menus! Indicated average of 23 mpg US:( But so many more plusses for this car too! Dreamy driver's seat, handling, above average power...but we'll probably get a CVT Altima. I said to wife, if the Versa was six inches wider, I would get another one:)
And in g35 u can only put 93 octane so higher gas price too

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