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Hi everyone, this is my first post on the Forum, and my first real problem with my Versa. I have a 2007 automatic Versa SL. Recently I have been experiencing a "hiccup" with the transmission, as it seems to want to downshift when it is seemingly unnecessary.

It usually only happens when the car is driven for 30 mins or more, and usually occurs on the highway.

The car, while at highway speed 100-115 km/h will downshift, then return to normal (rpm meter will increase rapidly, then return to normal-and the car jerks slightly). Once this begins, it will not stop. It seems to be initiated after hard acceleration. The transmission will do this while maintaining a constant speed, but will not during acceleration or coasting.

This constant hiccup can happen in upwards of 8 times/minute if the car is on a longer drive. This problem kind of coincides with a tranny fluid change, but I am not sure that it is the cause, because this problem has been slowly getting worse, and was not like this immediately after the fluid change.

But working under the assumption that it could have been the cause, we were told by a mechanic that it could have simply been an air bubble trapped in the tranny, and when tranny warms up, the bubble is expanding, possibly reaching the hydraulics causing the shifting to occur. So another drain and fill was performed, but the problem is still there.

Any insight would be MUCH APPRECIATED!
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