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Hello, I had a few question about a friend of mine's 2007 Versa. They bought the car used, and it came with an iPod connection cable in it. The cable has the name "iSimple" on it. The cable, when plugged into an iPod does cause the iPod to show it is connected to an audio output device.

The problem, however, is that I cannot seem to find any way to switch to an auxiliary input on the radio. My friend told me they believe the radio is stock. The radio is pictured below, I apologize for the bad picture, but it's night time, and I was in a hurry to get the picture before getting out of the car:

Vehicle Car Electronics Technology Cd player

This is what the iPod wire looks like:

Audio equipment Electronic device Technology Camera accessory Cable

We've tried a lot of things to try and get the iPod to play through the speakers, but have had no luck. Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.:)

EDIT: I looked at a few threads under my own, and saw one that spoke about an "iSimple Tranzit". I'm wondering if that's what's installed in the car. Does anyone know what frequencies it can be set to, so I know to check those stations? I have the manual, and it states that there is a switch to select the best frequency, but it doesn't say which frequencies are available.

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Basically, (after reading some reviews) the switch bypasses the FM frequencies, and just plays. The switch is just an on/off switch I think.
Scratch that, this is taken from the manual!

3) While the FM Transmitter is on (LED ON), Please select the FM frequency through
which you will access your new audio device. There is a label on the side of the module
that says “Tuning Frequency”. By this label is a two position switch. Use this switch to
select the best possible frequency for operation. Note the position of the switch before
continuing with installation of the interface.
If you have a local radio station that occupies either of these frequencies (87.9 or 88.3)
please move the switch to the position that does NOT match the local station. This preset
will act as the “radio station” your audio device will play through
Here's the manual in pdf:
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