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2007 Nissan Versa SL Pulling to the Right

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I began to notice that my V is pulling to the right while I am traveling in a straight line on a flat surface. I have to constantly correct this by slightly turning the wheel to the left. I have gone over some potholes, but nothing I would consider the root of this problem. Can this be fixed with an alignment? The guy at Pep Boys Autoparts told me that these cars don't have adjustement to the caster, which makes fixing this issue impossible. This doesn't sound right to me, but I am not an expert. Any help with this question will be greatly appreciated.
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Had the steering aligned today and I have noticed that the pull to the right is happening when I accelerate. When coasting down a straight flat road the car stay straight, but I step on the pedal the car begins to pull to the right. Whenever someone gets a chance and are crusing on a flat straight road, pay attention when you accelerate and see if your car pulls to the right when you do this and stays straight when the car is simply coasting. Thanks a bunch.
To check for a bad tire, rotate the tires side to side and see if it pulls to the opposite direction. If it does then one or more tires have a possible chord inside.

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i know you said it's a flat surface, but most roads have a very slight incline toward the right to allow water to run off. unless it's really pulling, i'd say it was normal. try rotating your tires and see if it helps. seeing as you just got it aligned i dont think its an alignment issue.
Yes, the tires were rotated and balanced. Tire pressure was also checked and topped off at 35psi. The mechanic said that it could be an issue with the power steering, and the guy at BAP Geon Auto parts said that it could be the rack and pinion going bad. I really don't want to spend the 450+ tax on the rack and pinion and much less on the electric power steering. Redouble my reluctance towards the PS issue since I don't know how to mess with this type of power steering. New car or new used car is not an option at this point. The pull is not unmanageable, but my OCD is going to keep on nagging at me to get this issue fixed. Help!
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