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2007 Versa 4-spped auto--AFT change

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It did change the ATF. I used just Super Tech Dexron III, $11 at wal-mart.

I drained out a little less than 4 quart and put back just about the same.

This is only about 50% as that in the torque converter cannot be drained out.

In another 200 miles or so I will repeat, but for the second refill I may use Valvoline synthetic Maxilife. I don't plan to do the third time as I figure doing twice is 75% new, same as it being 20000 miles. Car has 78K now and I presume the ATF has never been chnaged (brown, not red as I drained)

Is Super Tech Dexron III good though stuff?

I heard there is no auto-trans filter for the Nissan. Am I right? Does it use magnets to trap metal debris?
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