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2007 Versa Body Control Module Problem

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Hi, I'm Phil Weigand and trying to find out from all or any of you if you know of problems re: 2007 Versa SL manual 6-speed Body Control Module. I am on my third battery, only 17,000 miles, purchased new in Jan08. Warranty expired 27JAN11. Now dealer says Body Control Module (BCM) must be replaced. Car turns over but ignition is locked (auto icon warning light comes up and has key figure inside of car). Dealership tried to reconfigure both smart keys, but couldn't.

Now I find out BCM's on "National Back Order." That seems to indicate there is a nationwide problem for 2007 Versa esp with manual transmission. Any thoughts out there.
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There is an Earth, Texas LoL
lol. Just wondering what country at least. BCM is different from canada to usa as we use DTRL in canada, which is controlled through the bcm on new vehicles
Welcome Phil! I have an 08 SL manual and appreciate it very much. Hope this gets resolved soon! 08v
hello i have a 07 versa hb sl with the 6 spd and i dont have a problem from the bcm

Have '07 6 sp SL hatch. No problems yet. 28k miles.
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