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2007 Versa has Blue Coolant?

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Greetings, forum! I've got a quick question.

Exposition: My 2007 Versa's cooling system is filled with Nissan's blue coolant. However, I was under the impression that Nissan didn't start with the blue coolant until 2009. I'm not the first owner; the first owner had it until 63K miles.

Question: If the system is currently filled with blue coolant, that must mean that the original owner brought the car to Nissan sometime during or after 2009 to have the cooling system serviced, correct?

Question 2: How long is this blue stuff meant to last? I hear 105K miles, but that sounds long.

If the system has in fact been flushed then that saves me the trouble of doing it myself. This car is headed to upstate New York next month (as well as Long Island) so I have been going over the car to make sure that the maintenance is all up-to-date. Everything else is done.
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this website says blue long life coolant last 10 years or 135,000 miles

Nissan Blue Long Life Coolant
never mind, now this website says

Blue LLC is designed to have a service life of 7 years/105,000 miles for the factory fill, and 5 years/75,000 miles for subsequent replacement fills. - 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE) - Cooling System - Long Life Coolant Information
Turns out that I'm as blind as a bat. The coolant is green. I'll be flushing it soon. Oops!

Green coolant is 3 years or 40,000 miles

I was lucky i received a winterization coupon in the mail last month from a local nissan dealer. oil change and coolant flush and fill and their multicheck inspection for 69.99 so I called and made an appointment for next day. usually is 120.00 for coolant flush at the dealer
Well I will definitely be doing it myself. I'll be draining it and refilling it with Autozone's generic LLC (the yellow/lime color stuff.) That's my normal go-to for coolant and I have a gallon of it on hand already. The yellow LLC will mix with the normal green stuff with no problems.

PS: What color is your 07' HB? I have a blue 6 speed 07' HB myself.
I used Keystone coolant. They seem to be OEM equivalent here in Canada. Did flush it, but no bad stuff came out. Gotta make sure you have the right coolant, can't go wrong with OEM stuff. Might want to do radiator thermostat WYIT.
PS: What color is your 07' HB? I have a blue 6 speed 07' HB myself.
mine is blue also, with the 6 speed manual, and it is a 2007 with 139,400 miles.
drove it to Miami beach, Florida not long ago, and put 1,800 miles around trip
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