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Wassup Ya'll,

Yea first post for me.

I have two versa smart keys. One that has the actual key in it and one that doesn't.

How much would these run for?

I had a 2007 versa hatchback but it got totaled and now i'm in a Civic Si.

Any info would be great :thumb2:

Both keys look like this but one doesn't have the actual key.

I know they are able to be reprogrammed personally or by dealership.

EDIT: it's 103 on the site WITH and uncut key but mine is cut so I guess I have two key fobs without a key.

Maybe 80$ a piece would be good?

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See if it works with any other nissan. Then check ebay for auctions that have ended for same item and how much they sold for. Then put them up here and or on ebay. Your price seems fair to me. But being these cars are only a few years old not many people have lost their FOBs yet. Goodluck
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