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Hello folks!

I have a problem and I was hoping someone on the forum might have an answer or some advice. I recently purchased a Nissan GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V3 (IPOD) based on a chat with one of their representatives that it would work with my Versa's radio. I have a 2008 Versa S Hatchback. However, I can't get my radio to recognize the device as a CD changer which is what it's supposed to do. I'm going to paste the note I sent to their technical support below that has more information. If you wouldn't mind, please take a look and see if you might have an answer to my problem. I was trying to install this as a birthday present for my wife so time is of the essence. One question may be, would an actual CD Changer even be compatible with my particular radio? Thanks so much!

Note to GROM tech support:
I purchased the Nissan GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V3 after being assured by your live chat service rep that it would work with my radio. The reason I contacted them was because I was unsure if my radio would work considering the front of the radio did not have CAT, SAT, CH, CHANNEL, or CATEGORY printed on it which your documentation says is a must. However, I noticed I had the exact same radio as in your installation video (
) which also does not have any of these things printed on the front. Your service rep told me your documentation needed to be updated because your latest version of this product had, and I'm paraphrasing, CD changer firmware installed as to mimic that of a CD Changer. However, after I installed everything it did not play my devices as it did in your installation video. I could still only access the radio or insert and listen to a CD. If I press the CD button it says NO CD inserted or something along those lines. I know the GROM unit was installed correctly and was getting power because the devices I plugged in started charging as soon as they were connected. The one thing my radio did not have was a CD changer already connected to that particular port on the back of the radio as it does in the video. But your service rep told me having a CD changer already installed was not necessary.

So ultimately my question is...was your service representative incorrect in what he told me? If so, and this is not going to work with my stereo, I'd like to return the product for a full refund.

If he was correct, is there something else I should try to get the stereo to recognize the device? Or is it possible my GROM unit is faulty?

FYI: I tried connecting a 5th generation iPod and an iPhone 4.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hi there I had the same problem!
Same head unit without CAT, SAT, CH, CHANNEL, or CATEGORY printed on it

Solution: Flash the firmware to the CD Changer version (newest version too)

You will need a micro SD card, (one time thing, so you can barrow one from someone and return it when done)

Follow instructions here:
I used:
'Nissan / Infiniti 99-07 (CD, no text) (GROM-IPD3-NISSAN_CDC)'
'Version 4 Feb-23, 12'

I was glad to keep my stock headunit (clean, simple, all black)
instead of buying a cheap aftermarket one that already has an AUX input!

Hope this helps!

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