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2009 nissan Vers SL + FE?

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Well while cruising the net I stumbled across a few things that make mention of a late model lineup addition to the versa. It's called the SL + FE. There is almost no info on this. It seems the same as an SL but gets a few more MPGs. It's even listed on the website.

I had heard that the new cubes had a reflashed CVT. I guess it's a comp reflashing. Maybe nissan grabbed the last bit of SL's and reflashed them. Does anyone know anything else about this model or have heard of it?
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different muffler for better Fuel emmisions is what my hand book says
Has to be more then that for nissan to make a whole new model.
not really they did it to the sentra first now it went to versa and i think Altima is next ill find out more info
It seems nissan did something to change the fuel economy on only the CVTs (which is another reason I think there is reflash) to get more MPG's. They wanted it retested by the EPA and couldn't do it without a new model name. Hence the versa SL + FE and the Sentra FE. Seems nissan is dubbing anymodel with CVT the FE.
Would Nissan be able to reflash any existing models prior to 09? Could you bring it in to the dealer and get an updated fuel economy for the CVTs? I would love to do that if it was possible.
I don't know if the FE's have the reflash. I did read that the Cubes come with an updated program for the CVT. So I was just thinking being the same engine and I believe tranny that the new model FE Versa's had the same thing. But I have know evidence of this.
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