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2009 Versa A/C won't blow

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Got in my car this morning and the A/C fan won't come on at all... this happened once about a week ago, but fixed itself after I restarted the car... this time, it didn't help...

Anyone know what to do?
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so you turn your fan setting to high and no air comes out? Does it come out with the heat?

Could be a fuse, blower motor, some cars have a blower resistor or amp, bad hvac controls.
Turned it all the way up, nothing comes out... A/C or heat, nothing...
first thing to do is check the fuses. Does the rear defroster work and the AC button light up?
AC button hasn't worked in a few days... noticed that about a week ago, but everything still worked then... haven't checked rear defroster yet
starting to sound like the controls are shorting out. Still check the fuses. I wonder if there is a diagnostics test for the hvac controls.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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