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2009 Versa Cd-Radio "upgrade"

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I have a 2009 Nissan Versa S with a stick shift. Love the car and the mileage. The only drawback is that it does not have an aux in and it drives my wife crazy because she likes to listen to audiobooks and what not from her ipod. So I'm on a quest to surprise her for her birthday with some way of plugging her ipod in. I looked around and there are many options including getting a different unit like a Pioneer or a Boss, but the two I like are as follows:
1. Getting another OEM part from a later Versa like the 2011 that has an aux in. I can't seem to find if the newer unit will fit in my 2009 versa?
2. Use this - iPod/iPhone Connector Cable Harn-AUX Audio for Infiniti/Nissan: MP3 Players & Accessories - though I have the same question - Will this work on the 2009 Versa.

Any suggestions on 1 vs 2? Or on where I can get a 2011 Versa radio unit (been seeing some on ebay) and where I can take it to get it mounted? It looks relatively easy but I'm busy and it's worth my time to take it to a place like Best Buy to get it installed.
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I also have a 2009 and wanted to be able to listen to internet radio or the MP3 player on my smartphone. I found a 2012 Versa radio on Ebay for $75 that had a AUX input jack. The radio was virtually new since it came out of Versa that had an upscale radio installed shortly after purchase. Another option I looked into was a ($160) adapter made for the radio that provided USB for flash drive and phone and a MP3 jack. It would also charge the cell phone and allow operation of the music player in the phone from some of the radio controls. Being cheap I went with the $75 rather than $160.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 33.5 MPG overall the 46800 miles
Thanks Francesco. I think I will go with the 2011/12 oem unit option as well since it avoids an ugly wire sticking out. Did you get yours off of ebay?
I actually have one out of a 2014 Versa as I just upgraded mine. How much were you looking to spend? J/w. unless you've already bought one. I'll look on eBay as well to see what they're going for. I have no use for it and would sell the versa with the upgraded radio.

Oh... This being that a 2014 radio would even fit. That may not be at all possible.
Thanks Francesco. I think I will go with the 2011/12 oem unit option as well since it avoids an ugly wire sticking out. Did you get yours off of ebay?
Yes I bought mine off Ebay and I am happy with it. One feature of the 2009 radio that I liked was that the 3 bands (A,B,C) could mix AM & FM stations, while the 2012 does not have that feature.

I recently upgraded my 2010 Versa HB with a new radio from I sold the OEM radio on Ebay for $50 and it had an aux in. Before you go with an OEM, consider the other options on a new radio. Mine came with a USB input and I put all my music on a small thumbdrive 32GB. Also, I no longer own CD's so I just got the media player. BTW do not get HD radio per my installer as he says reception is bad. I paid an audio shop to install the new radio and he did it in 20 minutes.
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