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First time poster.

I purchased a used 2010 Hatchback in January 2012 with 34,000 miles on it. Today, it has roughly 71,000.

On Friday, I started up car and I had to push accelerator to get it to turn over. Today, the dashboard and controls flickered as the car lowered RPMs as it sat idle at a red light. No start up issues since Friday. The idle problem occurred for the first time today. The horn intermittently works, but not at full volume and doesn't always sound when remote keyless entry activated.

Battery was replaced at dealer last spring after clicking and no turnover. The ECM box was reprogrammed after the Service Engine Soon light intermittently came on and off. Car was taken to AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts and O'Reilly which all generated the same P code. Took car to dealer again and code generated indicated a TSB (service bulletin) that indicated ECU box needed completely reset. At the time, the dealer recommended the battery terminals be protected and the drive belt be replaced. I completed both of those in October.

It has been damp, rainy and cold. However, we have had several inches of snow and car started and drove just fine earlier this month with no problems.

Anyone have any clues what might be causing this? To me, it makes me think it's something electrical but at the same time...something in the fuel system...maybe the fuel pump? If the fuel pump isn't pumping enough gas into the engine, would that cause the low idle? Or is it something related to a sensor in the fuel system?I would think it may be something in the ECU like a mass air flow sensor. Thoughts?

Thanks for your help.
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