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2010 Nissan Versa 1.6 Shaking and Vibrating

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I have a 2010 Nissan Versa, today while out and about the service light came on and suddenly the car started to shake, and vibrate badly like it was going to turn off. I was low on gas and thought that was the problem, though I was already headed to the gas station after I got the gas, it did it again. And it also rattles when accelerating and there’s a loss of power where I try to accelerate. I also checked the oil and I’m good on oil. What could possibly be the problem? I did my research and I think it's the motor mount, however, I also saw something about the spark plugs and fuel pump. Help?
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Really to take all the guesswork out, you need a code scanner to read what the trouble code is that is causing the check engine light. A common code is the P420 code which could be the O2 sensor or the catalytic converter. If you're over 100,000 miles and haven't done a tune up then it possible it's time for plugs and new coil packs. In which case the trouble code will tell you there is a misfire. But could a trouble code for the IAT out of range just be a dirty air filter and/or dirty MAF sensor. In almost any of these situations it couldn't hurt to change the air filter, clean the MAF, and run some Seafoam through your car.
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