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2010 Versa Automaitc Transmission problem

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my daughter's vehicle does not go into any gear ie drive reverse. checked the tranny fluid level and it was way too full. read almost 3/4 up the dipstick. im thinking she must have done this when she added fluid when it was low. need to drain the overfill but dont know where to do this at. im assuming there's a drain plug somewhere. so need location of it. also what kind of problems will this cause with the fluid lever that high. would that cause it to not go into any gear or did she cook the tranny by overfilling? any help would be great.

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It might be toast. Like oil, if you overfill it it begins to get churned and mixed with air creating a frothy foam. This can starve the pump of fluid causing it to overheat and fail. There should be a drain bolt on the bottom.
dont forget, check transmission fluid with engine running. when it's off, the reading will be high, i've made that mistake before!
also, when you say it won't drive or reverse, does that mean it wont come out of Park? if it's in Drive and it aint goin, that's certainly a symptom of over and underfill. 08v
ok thanks. that gives something to go on. the car will come out of park into all of the gears, but fails to go foward or reverse. so with the overfill most likely being the issue, what's the chances of the problem being fixed by getting the fluid level to it's normal level?
is the parking brake off? stupid question....
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