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2010 Versa extended storage switch

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Hi, first time poster here.
I have a 2010 Nissan Versa, which my dad bought totalled, and we were restoring the past year, but that's a different story. Any ways, we are almost done, and there are just a few finishing touches left. One problem is that the turn signals work, but the turn indicator lights on the dash don't light up, and there is no ticking noise. Also there is no chime when the key is left in the ignition. From my previous google searches, I learned that this is usually caused by an ESS (extended storage switch) that wasn't pushed in all the way at the dealership. Now I thought the ESS was introduced in 2011, so I'm wondering is someone can tell me the location of the ESS, or at least of the relay responsible for the turn signals.

Thanks in Advance,
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Well this is slightly embarrassing, turns out fuse 13 was blown. We checked all the fuses yesterday, and they all showed continuity. Unlucky 13 I guess
Glad to hear the fuse resolved the problem!

Welcome to the forums.
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