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2010 versa revealed finally

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And you all new it would be first here on NVF :)


Only noticeable difference is the grill. I am thinking nissan is just shipping new grills to the dealers and having them swap them out and calling them 2010's.

More pics and info here
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Lovin' the new grill and yeah the new wheels look pretty kleen as well
Me too, is it 15 or 16?

the new wheels are 16 was able to see the tire size in one of the pics.
wonder if the 1.6 grills will be all black again?
My guess is the new grill is backwards compatible with the 07-09 models?
yea im def going to have to get my hands on a new grill those are nice looking!
and those rims look great for stock rims!
I'm gonna buy the new grill once it's available for purchase.
lol @ sclayton ^^^ new grille looks good fa sho but is that the only difference? (besides the rims obviously)
Will Courtesy Parts carry the new grill, how about I'm ready to buy one.
courtesy most likely will after they get the part number lists and so forth.
New grille number should be 62310-ZW80A. It will fit the other years also. Bob should be able to order for VersaSpeed and other usual dealers.
wonder if they'll keep out here? Hmm, must ask a dealer here.....
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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