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I checked out WSJ for just the US sales, couldn't find worldwide sales. This is based on from Dec 2010 year to date. The rest of the information on models and trims can be read in the link below.

My thoughts, how in the world does Suzuki and Mitsubishi make money with the amount of vehicles sold?

General Motors Corp. 2,211,091
Ford Motor Company 1,931,534
Chrysler LLC 1,085,211
Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. 1,763,595
Nissan North America Inc. 908,570
American Honda Motor Co Inc. 1,230,480
Mazda Motor of America Inc. 229,566
Mitsubishi Motors N A, Inc. 55,683
Subaru of America Inc. 263,820
American Suzuki Motor Corp. 23,994
Hyundai Motor America 538,228
Kia Motors America Inc. 356,268
Mercedes-Benz 224,944
Saab 5,445
Volvo 53,948
Volkswagen of America Inc. 256,830
Audi of America Inc. 101,629
BMW of North America Inc. 220,113
Porsche Cars NA Inc. 25,320
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