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2011 1.8 SL Hatchback splash guards available ?

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Looking at Nissan's site, they show the splashguards as "unavailable" for this model. Some splash and mudguards say they're not for the "sport package" vehicles - or not for the 1.8 sl hatchback... But I don't know why.

Does anyone know if there are mudguards or splash guards that will fit my car? My long gravel driveway beat up the paint on my last car and I'd like to prevent that for the versa. Any help would be greatly appreciated it.

By the way - this is what 35% tint looks like on a semi cloudy day.


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i don't know about mudflaps etc for Versa.
i never use them anyway cuz they come off in deep snow, especially cheap ones.
the plastic trim between front and rear wheel wells helps reduce damage.
your V lookin good!
Your V looks good, pretty much the same as mine. Personally I don't like the look of mudflaps and the Nissan ones say they don't work with our sport packages. I'm sure you could find a way to add them if you really wanted. I just don't like the look myself.
I read up somewhere stating that the rear sport bumper and side skirts are the reason's why the splash guards don't fit. I guess cause they are "bulky" they don't fit. Like they are too big and the screw prolly doesn't fit or something, idk.......
The profiles of the sport bumpers and side skirts does not match the molded flaps that they have. Check with a set of universal if you really want them.
yeah i would say go on ebay and look for a universal one
If you find some, let me know...I would love the look of it if they are color match !
I bought splashgaurds/mud flaps for my SL and they didnt fit. They dont work on sport bumpers.
Did u get universal ones or oems
Did u get universal ones or oems
OEM ones from the dealer. I had to return them.
yeah thats wat everyone is saying you might have to get universal ones
Thanks for the input folks - I'm not really looking to enhance the appearance really.. I like it how it is - but my car is covered in road grime that splashes up from the tires and I'd like to prevent that - as well as rock chips from my gravel driveway.

What everyone is saying proves my fears that the molded to fit ones from nissan or anywhere else that anyone knows of - don't fit this model - I'm hoping there will be a molded set that does fit eventually. If I find some - I'll definitely mention it here.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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