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2011 head unit in a 2007?

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Will a 2011+ head unit with AUX jack plug and play into my 2007 plugs and all that? Tired of the quality i get through my FM transmitter, would rather have an Aux jack with an oem head unit, aftermarket's are usually really tacky
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yes it is plug n play. Just make sure it came out of a Versa. Nissan had very similar units in other cars that were factory equipped with bose amps and those headunits will not work.
Glad to hear that you feel the same way as me about aftermarket radios. Although, Blaupunkts have remained black, the Toronto model is a good one.
Very easy to do. I did it on my 2009 and upgraded it with a 2012 unit and I use the AUX input with my smartphone and TuneIn App to listen to music.

The only hitch is removing the top dashboard center section cover and some You Tube videos are good to see the removal.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 54070 miles
Whats up fellas thanks to the OP of this thread I'm currently looking into replacing my OEM 2008 Versa stereo with an OEM 2012 Versa stereo with AUX. Looks to be a direct fit but this thread helped me confirm that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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