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Hi everybody. Hopefully this post gets some traction.
I have a 2011 Nissan Versa 5 Spd Manual transmission base model with some issues.
My main issue is, since I bought it, and ever since seemingly it was purchased from Nissan, the odometer hasn't worked properly.
The last 3 digits function, the first 2 are ' '. So ' ' 123. The two ' ' are lit up just smeared.
How to fix?
I am also throwing 8 codes. 2 are Speed Sensor A which my scanner scans. The other 6 pop up at O'Reilly and are all over the place.
Car runs and drives good. Doesn't look like it has more than 110,000 miles. My 19 year old female self got scammed by a dealership as is when I bought it and now I'm trying to sell it.
Seats are new looking, pedals aren't worn in, not many door dings but the color is white. Is there any scanner to grab the odometer electrically?

Where is speed sensor A? I'd like to replace that and see if it fixes my odometer. The rest of my car functions perfectly. I've been looking and looking for about a year now. I've had mechanics look. Thanks so much in advance.
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