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2011 Nissan Versa Dash Receiver (Radio CD) Installation

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I bought a Nissan versa 1.6 Automatic and it doesn't come with radio, but it has 4 speakers and pre-wiring. So I ordered a Pioneer DEH-2200UB CD Receiver and a crimp tool from Cruchfield. I installed it today. I find this video is very helpful.
You can just follow that instructions and you will be fine. I did the following which is different from that video:
In terms of the blue wire of the antenna adapter provided by Cruchfield, I just connected it to one of the four screws which hold the receiver. Grounding wire (black) of the receiver, I also connected to another one of the four screws. I taped off the orange wire of the wire harness provided by Cruchfield since the receiver doesn’t have illumination wire. Sound is perfect.:ihih:
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Will this method work if I'm swapping the stock am/fm/cd with a double DIN Nav screen? Should be the same I'm guessing, just unplug the stock?
I"ve seen that video before or one like it. Removing the radio and installing a new one is pretty simple and strait forward.
if u have a 2011 the vid is different mine is a den and half not double din someone had posted this earlier in forums seems the 2011 does not fit a double din but you make get the trim from earlier year and you are good to go lol.
You have the same head unit that I do so your video was perfect!

One question about the blue antenna wire it supposed to be grounded or connected to the "Power Antenna" wire? I connected it to the other wire after seeing a bunch of posts that said connect to the other wire but I am getting fading in and out on the radio.

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