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2011 Stero Wiring Diagram . . .

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Hello all,

I've tried looking for 2011 stereo wiring diagrams on google, but can only find up to 2010. Does anyone know if the 2011 is the same as 2010? IF not, anyone know where I can find (for free) 2011 stereo wiring diagram?

Thank you :)
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for hatch and sedan? probably yeah. nothing really has changed from 07-11
Actually, I know that the 2011 Versa is different because of the addition of the navigation system and the drop of the Rockford Fosgate system.

For a diagram, I got it from the service manual located at Nissan Publications
Just my Luck. The Techinfo site is unavailable at the moment.. haha (And I am half way through the install, Just need to figure out how to connect the Remote wire for the amp.
See if this link works for you.

It should have the 2011 FSM.
I have managed to figure it out, thank you, But I will bookmark that link.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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