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Thanks for the replies.

I was afraid there wouldn't be anything to help me. But I'm also relieved, because I have sped in the past. I think everybody does at one point. I worried that opening that door would lead to other charges, but I don't think it works that way. As long as I could show that at that time, I was not speeding, I would be okay.

I guess my only recourse is getting it reduced. Maybe I can find a smartphone app that uses GPS to track and log my speed. I wonder if that would hold up in court.

I don't drive like a grandma by any means, but I do drive the speed limit, for the most part. I use cruise control, not only to stay at/under the speed limit, but also to conserve fuel. It just makes sense. And mathematically, speeding doesn't help unless you go way over for an extended period of time. I work about 26 miles from home, and with all the stops, I could maybe shave 2 minutes off the driving time by speeding. My time isn't worth what a speeding ticket would cost me.

And no, he didn't clock me with anything. He was coming from the other way, and even if he had a radar gun that could subtract his speed from mine (which would be 100+ due to the difference, using his vehicle as the reference point), he used the words "it looked like" I was going "about 75 or 80". He didn't know. And his first question was not about my speed, but whether I own the vehicle. I think he was fishing for something.
I would recommend V for Veresetta's comment "I'd try to dispute it regardless" Suggest that you review the RPM level that would get you into the 75-80 mph zone. I try to keep my RPM levels below 2000 rmps to squeeze out the mpg. Not sure what RPM level you would see at 75-80 mph but you could use that argument
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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