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Hi everyone, I'm new here and really need help.

My wife 2011 Versa has a fuel gauge failure. Suddenly the needle goes down to empty when we refuel the tank or when we are driving. It seems like an error or something. Video attached you can watch clearly. Sometimes I have to turn off the car in order to reset it properly but sometimes it won't reset and continues the same way. Also after that, the service engine light comes on.

It order to work properly we have to wait until the car cool off. the car works great and don't go off on us even with the error. Anyone had this problem before? any help will be appreciated and if it needs repairs I really need to know how expensive it is. Thanks everyone.

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Hi, I doubt is something on the dash or a fuse. I think it the sending unit for the fuel level in the tank. It's part of the fuel pump itself and it's not a hard job to replace it.

Here is a link to the Versa Field Service Manual (FSM) specific to fuel system.

You may need to purchase a new fuel pump since the fuel level sending unit is part of the fuel pump and I don't think you can replace it separately, however you can search Nissan Parts to confirm. Hope this helps.

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from the FSM section DI page 12. Page 17 in that same section deals with troubleshooting a faulty fuel gauge or float.

• Self-diagnosis can check for continuity between meter control circuit and each meter (speedometer, tachometer
and fuel gauge).
• Self-diagnosis can check for odo/trip meter and A/T indicator (with A/T) or CVT indicator (with CVT) segment,
low-fuel level warning lamp, low water temperature indicator lamp, and high water temperature warning
1. Turn the ignition switch ON, and switch the odo/trip meter to “trip A” or “trip B”.
If the diagnosis function is activated with “trip A” displayed, the mileage on “trip A” will indicate “0000.0”,
but the actual trip mileage will be retained. (The same applies for “trip B”.)
2. Turn ignition switch OFF.
3. While pushing the odo/trip meter switch (1), turn the ignition
switch ON.
4. Confirm that the trip meter displays “0000.0”.
5. Push the odo/trip meter switch at least 3 times. (Within 7 seconds
after the ignition switch is turned ON.)
6. All the segments on the odo/trip meter, and simultaneously the low-fuel warning lamp indicator illuminates.
At this time, the unified meter control unit is turned to self-diagnosis mode.
• M/T MODELS (1)
• Check combination meter power supply and ground circuit when self-diagnosis mode of combination
meter does not start. Replace combination meter if normal. Refer to IP-12, "Removal and Installation" .
• If any of the segments is not displayed, replace combination meter. Refer to IP-12, "Removal and Installation"
7. Each meter activates while pressing odo/trip meter switch. (At this time, the low-fuel warning lamp turns
off, low water temperature indicator lamp and high water temperature warning lamp turn on.)
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