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Hello All!

My first post here and I would appreciate all the help and input I can get.

I have a base model Hatchback with four speakers and a stock radio. I bought it used last summer and a few months into owning it the radio cuts out. It wouldnt even send static through the speakers.

I took the dash apart and noticed an aftermarket A/V cable and a few other cables taped up, disconnected or cut. I assumed the previous owner had an aftermarket radio put in. I tightened the tape on the cables and unplugged and replugged the stereo and that seemed to wrok but it kept cutting out.

After taking it to a local shop with "Experts" They dicked me around for two days and after calling them for the 12th time someone said my radio was bad.

I bought a used factory radio to keep the stock look of the car and it worked for about a week until someone opened my front [passenger car and the sound cut out AGAIN. The speaker on that door always sounded like it might have been lown or on the verge of blowing.

Any ideas of what the issue could be?

Or pcitures/videos on how to remove the door panel and get in to all of the wiring?

I'm willing to rewire everything if I could just get in there and gain access to it!

Thanks in advance
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