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2011 Versa owner, long time lurker.

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for quite a while, finally decided it was time to join up. I'm originally from southeast Oklahoma. I bought my V in Oct 2010 from a dealer in Biloxi, MS while I was in tech school at Keesler AFB. I traded a 2010 Ford Focus in on it and never looked back. My Focus drank oil (5 quarts on a 400 mile drive) then developed an engine knock shortly after we moved to Biloxi. Ford refused to fix it since the tech said it was the electric fan making that knocking noise (yeah right!). I'm currently stationed overseas at RAF Lakenheath, UK which voided the warranty on my V (fine print). Thankfully we've had 0 issues with the car.
I finally got my wife into modding (her car) last year. Our first mod was a Kenwood DDX-512 DVD head unit. Next week we are putting wheels on it and lowering it sometime in August with Tien S techs. We got an excellent deal on the wheels. We decided to check out the local salvage yard and found a set of almost perfect 15 x 6 TSW Hockenheim Rs with new 205/50r15 for $153. We needed new tires anyway so we actually saved enough to buy the Tein springs. I know the tires are a bit short but I calculated it up as 4 off at 70 mph. My wife wants me to paint the wheels gloss black with a red lip and red center cap nut. I'll post pics when they're finished!
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Welcome to the forums. Black on black sounds good. Those springs are great, I've had mine since March and love them.
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