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Hi all,

Looking to upgrade my fiancee's car a bit and since its got 85k figured shocks/springs & wheels/tires would be best as a first project.

I'm possibly running into an odd issue...she has a 2012, most sites list aftermarket shocks/springs as 07-11 but those cars appear identical to her 2012. Some sites list full oem replacement assemblies as 07-14

Did Nissan do a suspension redesign but keep same body?
Are all 07-14 shocks/springs interchangeable?

Considering kyb's & eibach springs.... not looking to go low or turn it into a racecar, just want it to handle better.

For wheels/tires I'm looking at 16x7 enkei rpf1 with stock sized Michelin pilot as3 (currently 15x?? Steelies with dry rotted touring tires lol)

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Good wheel/tire choice!

And yes, the suspension from the 07-11 is the same for the 2012 Versa Hatchback. Can't wait to see how your new setup looks!
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