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2012 hb exterior mods?

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Im tlgunna buy a 2012 versa. Im not sure about which. All the hatches i see look nice. But i dont like the way they look from the side stock. ThTs why im leaning towards sedan. Does anyone have any wth like an aftermarket wing/spoiler so i can tell if it can look good from the side with one.
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What model are you looking at? S or SL. Sport package or not? The sport bumpers with rear spoiler make the hatch look quite different than the stock bumpers.

But be sure to drive both and then determine whatever you like best. :)

Welcome to the forums.
I'm gunna get the base since it'll be 5 Sp. And its xheaper
And thanks for welcoming me.
Welcome to nvf!
Welcome. Which model are you getting? S, SV, or SL? I have a 1st gen 1.6 and love it. 5speed as well.
Welcome, maybe you can ask the dealer to add a sports package to your hb if possible. I don't think they can add sport bumpers but they can at least add the spoiler and the 16" alloys that the SL comes with. Trust me the spoiler alone makes a big diffrence.
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