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Ok my versa has been stuck in park for a couple of months now only because I'm not sure which route to take due to money being tight. I've taken the center console apart trying to get the shift lock release to work but apparently it's not the shifter that's locked I was thinking it may be the linkage. But on the other hand it could have something to do with the brakes. Prior to it being locked up Ive been having issues with the driver side tail light choosing when it wants to work. I would have to take the whole tail light assembly off mess with the wires a little then put it back on and it would work like a champ. So, I'm not sure if it's electrical or my transmission has bitten the dust or what. I'm at a complete loss, this is my daily driver I'm borrowing a vehicle from my dad and I appreciate it so very much but gas is killing me! If anyone knows what the hell is wrong or has any advice PLEASE let me know! Thank you!
My 15 Versa did that. I had an ABS code for stop light not working. There are 2 switches on the brake pedal and one reports to the ABS and traction system to signal when brakes are applied for the ABS system functions. I replaced the switch and all is good. I was able to insert a piece of metal in the shift lock which activated the shift release and I was able to shift my car. The shift lock will not release if the brakes aren't applied or if the signal doesn't make it to the ABS traction control system.
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