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2012 nissan versa, 4 speed automatic transmission, cvt, , with, a dipstick, ok?,

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this one has a dipstick, it is a 4 door hatchback, , underneath, i located the trans pan., , and has a larger size bolt, on our car, in the center of the pan, which ive come to find out, is not a drain plug, , so what im really asking is this?, , is there, any real way, , for , us to, , take off the drain pan, and gasket, i know all need, replaced, before hand, is there really a way, , to drain the synthetic trans fluid, , , and , to safely refill it from the top, where in our car, model it has a dipstick, to read the ammount of fluid in there, lucky on that part>, and have a hand pump, fluid transfer pump, , , also was told, the trans filter, on this is not serviceable., so is it possible, , to safely and acually drain, , this sealed trans, cvt, , by removing the pan, ect>?, and then , replacing , a new pan gasket?, and the pan?, , and then from the top , dipstick hole>, , filling , ?, , or does need pumped in?, , under pressure pumped in?, speacial pump tool beyond?, ,, live in the 65644 area code mo. , , , any other way besides the far away, and xpensive dealerships?, , on utube, , 1 guy had , but not the quite same, , and even then left out all, details, and showing nothing, , thanks all, , if anyone , kno, all info is appreciated., , i , would love to get photos from underneath, ect, as to the pan setup, , and all else, but i dont know how id , get them, on to this forum, from my phone. , thank you all again.
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That bolt on the pan is a drain plug. It might have a riser tube threaded up into the hole. That's how the 4AT is on my 2015 versa sedan. If this is the case, only a little bit of ATF will run out when you remove the plug/bolt. The riser uses an Allen key to thread it out. If I remember correctly, a 5mm? Either way. Simple. Yes, use the charge tube in the engine bay to refill the trans. I use Valvoline maxlife ATF in my 2015.
I just use a long, thin necked funnel to add ATF through the charge pipe on my 2015 Versa 4AT and to add CVT juice to my 2019 Pathfinder. There's no need to pump fluid up from below if that's what we're asking here. You add.fluid from under the hood.
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