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2012 nissan versa, 4 speed automatic transmission, cvt, , with, a dipstick, ok?,

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this one has a dipstick, it is a 4 door hatchback, , underneath, i located the trans pan., , and has a larger size bolt, on our car, in the center of the pan, which ive come to find out, is not a drain plug, , so what im really asking is this?, , is there, any real way, , for , us to, , take off the drain pan, and gasket, i know all need, replaced, before hand, is there really a way, , to drain the synthetic trans fluid, , , and , to safely refill it from the top, where in our car, model it has a dipstick, to read the ammount of fluid in there, lucky on that part>, and have a hand pump, fluid transfer pump, , , also was told, the trans filter, on this is not serviceable., so is it possible, , to safely and acually drain, , this sealed trans, cvt, , by removing the pan, ect>?, and then , replacing , a new pan gasket?, and the pan?, , and then from the top , dipstick hole>, , filling , ?, , or does need pumped in?, , under pressure pumped in?, speacial pump tool beyond?, ,, live in the 65644 area code mo. , , , any other way besides the far away, and xpensive dealerships?, , on utube, , 1 guy had , but not the quite same, , and even then left out all, details, and showing nothing, , thanks all, , if anyone , kno, all info is appreciated., , i , would love to get photos from underneath, ect, as to the pan setup, , and all else, but i dont know how id , get them, on to this forum, from my phone. , thank you all again.
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That bolt on the pan is a drain plug. It might have a riser tube threaded up into the hole. That's how the 4AT is on my 2015 versa sedan. If this is the case, only a little bit of ATF will run out when you remove the plug/bolt. The riser uses an Allen key to thread it out. If I remember correctly, a 5mm? Either way. Simple. Yes, use the charge tube in the engine bay to refill the trans. I use Valvoline maxlife ATF in my 2015.
thank you so much, , 2 more questions, , what kind of fluid hand pump, , will work, what should i be looking for?, the dip, stick, is, , kinda far, down behind the battery?, , or a really long, funnell with, maybe a , , you know a clear pvc tube , attached to it?, to fill,?, ,, , would one of those, plastic kind with pvc tubes on both ends, maybe work?, ill , look into this tommorrow, , has anyone, , done this, ?, and can recommend?, thank you. , and also, nissan recommends, there trans fluid only, nissan matic s-atf., ,, but i will look into this valvoline maxlife atf, to see if its safe. , a plastic transfer pump?, , again thank you so much.
poman, you'll never know, what a blessing you are,, filled in all the missing pieces, , that almost none other wanted to address, i never believed id get the correct info. , , , and yes i found a funnel like that, in the garage, , and it will be perfect., thank you for being, real, and for your knowlege, having to do for yourself, , priceless, so glad , i found this place, and there , some really good people out there. god bless you and yours.
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