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2012 sedan radio/bluetooth, owners manual corrections

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On the 2012 sedan SL without nav

1) When using the steering wheel controls you can not change to both FM bands. You will need to use the radio to change between them. The steering wheel control will toggle between AM and the last FM band used. However the manual say this is possible.

2) To answer a bluetooth call the manual says to push the steering wheel control bluetooth voice button when in fact you have to push the source button.
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Nice information! I suggest you contact nissan too to let them know that way they can correct the manual.
Ok here is an update. The bluetooth does in fact work as stated in the factory owners manual ONLY if the fuse discussed in this post
( ) is inserted. Without the fuse inserted the bluetooth answer call function will behave as stated above.

Inserting the fuse did not affect the issue of switch FM radio bands.
Thanks for he information. I have a friend with a 2012 and he will enjoy the info.
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