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2012 tiida

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good find man!
We have had an ongoing thread about the 2012 Versa hatch and sedan here.
I like the sound of that, turbo versa eh? Looking forward to a retrofit haha
Considering how much faster my Juke is compared to the Versa, If the Turbo Versa is doing the same power, that would be a pretty fun little ride. Since I just bought another bike Im putting off getting a new car until next spring, and I was leaning towards a 2011 Turbo Sonata. Guess Ill have to go check this out as well. Maybe sooner if they can give me a good deal on my 07 Versa.
I like the fact that they kept a similar body shape like the 1st and 2nd gen, but I doubt they will bring the turbo'd version to the US (though I would love to see it). The Versa "is" considered a gas efficient compact and though we all love to modify them, a 1.6 turbo wouldn't catch the interest of most consumers. Obviously we already have Versas, but for other people, they would probably look at SE-R's or Altimas, unless they absolutely love hatchies haha. I don't think power will ever be something that a Versa will possess, turbo'd or not. Someone needs to swap a FF SR20DET!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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