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Hey, I've been have some problems with the transmission in my 2012 Automatic Versa.

A month ago the transmission light on the dashboard began to light up - and has been lit ever since. Shortly after it lit up every time I'm in drive and fully braked, the car jolts every 20-30seconds or so.

The problem goes away when i'm in Low gear.

Oh, i've also noticed that the gear shift indicator on the dash goes blank when the problem starts.

I brought it in to get serviced and one place referred me to another transmission specialist - they thought they could find the problem faster then they could. Transmission specialist took it for a test drive and checked it out with his scanner. He found one suspicious looking code, but couldn't verify it, because he said that he doesn't work on CVT tranmissions.

So anyone have any help they can give me?

much thanks!
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