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So Il have the speedo reading for a bit when i turn on the car, then out of nowhere my abs, low traction, and ebrake likes will come on, the my speedo needle will drop. No reading from obd2 either. Been dealling with it for about a week and a half now, but i JUST NOW had a po500 vehicle speed sensor "A" code thrown. Ive searched my engine bay up and down for something that could even resemble an actual speed sensor. This model is such an odd one and i can barely find ANYTHING about what it derives the speed from. I only find info on the cvt, but mine is a 5sp. Doesnt even have a tach. I figured that since i couldnt find a main sensor that it might derive the speed from the abs sensors. Especially since all of those lights come on the same time that the speedo stopped working. It started when i rotated my wheels. Im at 175k and im not surprised that this is happening, i just dont know what exactly i need to replace, and i dont want to waste money on one thing when it ends up being something else. Anybody got any info? I also cleaned all 4 of the sensors.
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