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I'm getting ready to replace the rear shocks on my ex's Versa Hatchback. It rides like a brick on wheels and if I push down with everything I have, the car barely deflects, never mind springs back or oscillates. Car only has 56k, but still, its about 10 years old.

Thinking those bottom bolts have seen 10 years of New England weather and I'm not expecting the removal to go well. The problem is according to all the online Nissan parts stores I tried, the bolts for the 2014 have been discontinued. Really? Break a bolt and throw away the car? The official part numbers for the hatch seem to be "Nissan 54459-AX01D Bolt " which seems to cross to a non-hyphen version 54459AX01D. Getting the shocks is easy enough, as are the rubber bits, etc. But it looks like if I break a bolt I'm schrod. Anyone else run into that, or know what a replacement bolt would be? I'm guessing I could always put another shoulder bolt throgh there and double nut it, but that's way more Mickey Mouse than I want to do on a car I don't drive.

Shop manual lists them as 91ft-lbs of torque so I'm sure they're in there good and solid.

Anyone out there got any ideas? Any and all suggestions appreciated. I'm assumming the dealership has a workaround but she can't afford their prices.

Thanks for reading.
it seems that 54459-AX01A is the exact same part. They are cheap, maybe it's worth a try.
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