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2012 versa need a tech advice

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Question 2012 help
Heres what i have track down on the car.
The fan relay has 4 prongs on it
Red and a black heavy gauge wire
And two smaller wires cant recall there color
But i removed the relay and put a jumper wire on the red and black wires and everything is working fine
The fan is working in both speeds.

Now for the million doller question is were do the other 2 smaller wires come from that are supposed to activate the relay .because that is the problem no voltage is present in the 2 smaller wires so the relay will not turn on.
So if any techs could look up were the 2 small wires are feeding from ,like the coolant sensor,ac controls inside the car ect.. i cant find any sensor with the same color wires thanks again for any help.
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