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2012 versa need help

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See my second post in this thread thanks.
Question 2012 versa need help
hello im a newbee .glad i found this site mabe i can get some help.
my 2012 1.6 versa started to over heat in traffic and the ac quits working the fan does not come on i changed the fan relay and thermostat and it did not help. sitting in drive way ac will short cycle and blow hot and car will eventually turn on the temp light in dash ,get in and drive and in a few minutes it will start blowing cold again just like new.
i read somewhere on line that when you turn the key on the temp light will come on then turn off and this means the sensor is good .im not so sure.
i can take the fan relay out and put a jumper wire in and the fan will run and the ac seems to work fine sitting in the drive way.
i guess my question is what else makes the fan turn on and cycle properly besides the coolant switch.
my guess is the coolant switch is bad but there are no codes now or ever came on.

any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciate trying to get it done myself to save a buck .
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Interesting. Could be an issue with the IPDM, which i have heard is fairly common in these. That sort of thing causes all sorts of unpredictable/indirect problems when they're bad. It's a costly thing too, similar in price to a PCM i'm assuming.

The IPDM controls power to the fan relays, there are 2 fan speeds (low, high).

All the dummy lights do illuminate for a bulb check at KOEO (key on engine off) and go out with engine running, after a couple seconds.
2012 help

Heres what i have track down on the car.
The fan relay has 4 prongs on it
Red and a black heavy gauge wire
And two smaller wires cant recall there color
But i removed the relay and put a jumper wire on the red and black wires and everything is working fine
The fan is working in both speeds.

Now for the million doller question is were do the other 2 smaller wires come from that are supposed to activate the relay .because that is the problem no voltage is present in the 2 smaller wires so the relay will not turn on.
So if any techs could look up were the 2 small wires are feeding from ,like the coolant sensor,ac controls inside car i cant find any sensor with the same color wires thanks again for any help.
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