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2012 versa s

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Hello you guys. I recently bought a 2012 versa S hatchback. It's all stock as of right now but hopefully soon I will be getting a CAI, catback and tinted windows.
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Welcome to the forums. I see you live in Tampa. Which part of town are you from?
Welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums. Good to have more Tampa Bay members. We are few, even with all the Versas around here only a dozen or so are on the forums. Oh, Cai and cat-back are a good start.
Thank you guys. I live in new port richey now josh. Use to be around citrus mall.
Not bad. We're glad to have you here. Would you be interested in a local meet? Check the link in my signature for details.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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