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My phone recognizes that it's plugged in... It chimes when I plug it into the cord and acknowledges that it's connected, but the Versa still says "no iPod connected."

Think it could still be a bad cord even though it's kinda working one-way?

Could be the cord, but also do you recall doing any updates to the phone?...i just ask cause my buddy has a newer aftermarket pioneer stereo that has problems recognizing his iphone after he did one of Apple's good old iOS updates that tends to break the compatibility between their iphone and almost every stereo manufacturer out there. there's a slim chance that Nissan has an firmware update to the stereo unit in the versa though that fixes the compatibility issue with the newer iOS software on the iphone, you just have to ask your dealer about it and hope they know what you're talking about and that there is an update, other than that the cheapest way to diagnose if it's the cord is to use that cord to plug into your computer and see if it still syncs with itunes properly.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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