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I recently bought a used 2012 Versa SV 1.6L CVT with 93000 miles. It drove for about a month and then the transmission went out on it. It took it to the local Nissan dealer and they diagnosed it with a fatal internal error. Their quote was for $4200 which is more than what I paid for the car. I checked with a local transmission shop and was quoted $3900 for a replacemnt with a 3 yr, unlimited mileage, warrantee on parts and labor. That's actually a better warrantee than I was offered by the Nissan Dealer... Tells me something.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is a whole lot of conflicting information available online.

Does the 2012 Versa SV 1.6L CVT require the exact same year replacement? Is there a specific model number that goes with 2012 version?

I found a low mileage 2014 Versa SV 1.6L transmission at a local junkyard. Can I just put that in? I have a mechanic that will do the installation 600-700, is that reasonable. Seems like a decent price to me.

As my first experience with owning a Nissan this has been a real poke in the eye. It seems that the 2012 has lots of issues with the CVT.

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Welcome aboard.

You purchased this from a Nissan dealer? Any warranty? What state are you in as some give buyers protection.

If you paid with a credit card many allow you to dispute charges.I dispute things from doctor visits to useless tech support calls that charged a fee. Just seems fishy the car died soo soon like that.

Second Im not sure why Nissan is soo helpless as other manufacturers make cvt transmissions and those can be serviced. After all Nissan has a car for sale which named from A-Z, not necessarily available in the same country.

I believe nissan went from the 1.6 to the 1.8 then back to the 1.6 engine in that time frame and then redesign the cvt to include a planetary module like a single gear change vs the older unit that is just a cvt plus it holds less fluid, lighter weight, yada, yada, yada.

Note or sedan?
Note 04-13 Xtronic CVT (Jatco RE0F08A (JF009E), only Japan-made models)
AT - 4-speed hydraulic (Jatco RE4F03A, only EU-made models)
12- Xtronic CVT

Sedan 4-speed RE4F03C automatic
CVT RE0F11A automatic

So, looks like if you own the sedan its the same according to the wiki page.

Plan B would be to search an online junkyard or ebay for a cvt for your car then the doner car and look at the photos to see if they match up. Also message the seller as they may no or offer a better deal, return, break on shipping if it doesnt work.

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I had a similar problem in Jan.
I got my 2014 versa sedan (68000 miles), from an auto shop on Dec 2017. One month later, the car won't accelerate, or accelerate super slowly. I drove it to the nearby dealer at 20mph, and was told that the CVT needed a rebuilt The cost plus tax was $4200.
Given that the car was just out of warranty and I kept it for merely a month, the dealer contacted Nissan and they offered an 85% discount. At last, I paid $600 for a CVT rebuilt, and the car has been running well since then.

If the deale you are talking with could not offer a discount anyhow, I would go with Cobb and find a used CVT from the junkyard and have some auto shop to replace it for you. And according to the dealer, the CVY is very temperamental and you need to change the fluid at least every 30k miles.
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