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Hey all,

I've had my 2012 CVT Automatic Versa since last summer and I've been having what appears to be some transmission problems with it. The symptoms are:

  • If I brake from about 40km/h to around 20km/h, the car continues to slow down, as if it were in first gear. It feels like the car is slowing down way faster than it should (exactly as if it were in too low a gear), and if I pop it into neutral, it feels "normal". It still feels normal when popping it back into gear - it's like the transmission just picked a gear too low.
  • I occasionally get the same "gear too low" feeling when going down slight hills. In other vehicles, I find that the vehicle will accelerate slightly with my foot off the gas. In the Versa CVT, it keeps roughly the same speed. Popping it into neutral again fixes the problem.
  • Occasionally when putting my foot on the gas at low speeds, I hear a "clunk" in the engine. This usually happens when hitting the gas when one of the above problems is happening.

I've had it in for warranty work once and had them look at it, but they didn't find anything. I find it hard to describe exactly what the problem is, but it feels like there's something wrong.

Anyone have any ideas of what the problem might be, that I might be able to take back to the dealership and ask about?
I'm experiencing the first two symptoms. As for the third one, I hear and feel a jerk/jolt from the engine/CVT.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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