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Normal engine braking like others have stated, I've gotten use to it because in my old Maxima 4 speed auto I would run regular gas (I know, I know) and it would retard the timing and it kind of feels like that in the Versa when you let off the throttle.

Just relax and utilize it to your advantage. I find the engine/transmission braking very handy in city stop and go traffic.

Sometimes if you don't come to a complete stop and apply the gas CVT might engage or grab harshly and make a sound, I believe this is normal also. Probably just the torque converter engaging, I've found being gentle with the throttle it's not that bad.

Since the CVT is computer controlled you can't really do anything about all it's quirks, the best thing is just be gentle with the throttle and let the computer sort itself then gently build up power. You just have to get a feel for the "sweet spot" with respect to throttle inputs and understanding how the CVT will react.

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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