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can someone please consolidate these transmission threads into just one for your issue TKO, i think you'll find that it's pretty normal for these transmissions or at least thats what i have come up with when researching the same things you are now, you just have to keep in mind a CVT is not at all like a regular automatic transmission and as such will not exhibit the same behaviors as a regular automatic transmission. Just give yourself and the car time to adjust to each other as the transmission does take time to adapt in this car to your driving style, not saying that their isnt an issue in your case, but you just have to keep in mind not to jump to conclusions that their is something wrong with the transmission. this transmission does have it's quirks though, i know mine for example when i leave it parked on a steep incline and i dont let the parking brake engage before i set the E-brake when i go to start it and put it into gear it will make the same type of jerking motion that yours does, but other than that the transmission operates like it's supposed to and i've just chalked it up to me having to adjust to the car. Until something major happens to it though i dont worry about it and even if something did happen, i have a warranty in place to take care of point is just dont stress over it to much and just have the dealer take a look at it when you get a chance
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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