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2013 Versa Aftermarket Parts - When?

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Hey all. I was just wondering how long it takes until aftermarket parts are available for the new sedan? I found the K&N replacement filter, but was really looking to get a CAI, and possibly a Cat-back exhaust. I see lots available for the older models, but I have no Idea if they will fit correctly on the 2013. I don't want to order it only to find that it will not fit right... Thanks!!!
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There are no parts for the new sedan, I'm sure you could use the AEM intake for the older versas
going to sub to this tread for any more possible updates.
Generally it takes a year or so at the earliest for less popular cars like ours to begin having parts manufactured. Considering the aftermarket interest in these cars which were built for MPG is minimal, it is not a priority for a company to spend the $ for R&D for parts when they won't sell many.

I'm still waiting on a dash kit........if the weather warms up I am going to see if I can modify the one I have to work this week.
I really don't see any after-market parts being made for the new sedan, its more of a starter, or family car. The new Versa Note is probably going to get all the love.
Will the lowering springs for the 2012 still work? I would like to see if anyone has a link detailing the specific changes between years.
We hardly have anything for the Versa starting in 2007, doesnt look promising for the 2013's
if the sedan get's anything most likely won't be until the Note comes out. Then I would think some of the engine parts like intake would fit. I don't think any of the suspension stuff will carry over since it's a different chassis.
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