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2013 Versa in Phoenix

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Hey guys and gals. Just dropping by after buying my first Nissan and first new car.

I picked this babe up Sunday with 2 miles on the odo, and she already has 350 on it. :37:

Plans are to run a K&N filter if I can find it, AZ's exhaust (need to find out which resonator size and pipe size I need), and coil springs at first, but coil overs in the future.

The question is, should I wait until the warranty is over or can I start modding away?

It only has 2 speakers I believe because the rear fade does not work, so a new audio system is also in order, but I want a single DIN so I can install my Alinco dr-605 in it as well.

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You can mod while you have a warranty.

Welcome to the forums :)
Welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums, you can mod when under warranty at your own risk. Never know if something is gonna go wrong, then a dealer might try to say its because you modified it, and won't fix it. Not guaranteed to happen, but it has happened. You can always take it back to stock if needed.
Cool thanks for the reply's guys/gals :)
Welcome to the forums. Auto or manual?
Its a manual. :)

On the way home from work I took a little rock to the window, now I have a crack about 14" long :mad:
Good choice. Thats the reason most people get base models. Plus they're more fun to modify. :D
I'm not seeing a lot of after market stuff, but my google-fu might be a bit weak. I was thinking of adding this at an angle from the driver door seam forward on the fender at a 45* angle.
That would be nice. Is it one piece or just random decals that can be peeled?
Its a single piece that can be peeled off on a later date. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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