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2013 Versa Sedan Head Unit replacement

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This is how I replaced the stock head unit on my 13' Versa. The stock audio system is a good system, but after almost a year I wanted something with more features (most notably a touch screen). Previous to this, I had the speakers replaced with four Polk Audio Dxi 650.

After doing some research and asking a few vendors, this is what I came up with:


- Metra Axxess ASWC-1 - OE Steering Wheel control interface
- Metra 99-7613 Dash Kit (not required, the original brackets fit just fine)
- PAC TR7 Video Bypass (also not required, JVC radios are easily bypassed)
- Metra 40-NI12 Antena adapter
- Metra 70-7552 wiring harness
- Sirius SXV200 module
- Scosche TK12 toolkit
- Fake faceplate

The first step was to prepare the harness. Using the couplers included with the TK12 I color matched all cables with the JVC harness. Also, I performed the power connections for the ASWC-1 harness. The ASWC-1's Gray/Red and Gray/Blue wires were left pending as the 70-7552 doesn't have the pins for the steering wheel controls.

This is the resulting harness:

Next was remove the panel. For that purpose I used the panel removal tool. It was matter of inserting it in the let top corner. As I removed the panel I was careful with the hazard flashers switch.

With the radio now accesible it was a matter of just removing the four screws and unplugging the cables.

At this stage, from the car harness, I spliced cables at pins 6, 16 and 15 and perfomed the connections to gray/red, gray/blue and ground on the ASWC-1.

As stated before, the Metra 99-7613 is not required if the original brackets are available. With the excpetion of one screw on each side, the brackets fit nicely.

With all harnesses ready, I hooked up everything to test the radio and program the ASWC-1

With the 13' Versa press the igintion switch twice without pressing the brake pedal. After the ASWC-1 starts blinking rapidly, press and hold the Steering Wheel Volume Up button until the unit stops flashing, after that, release the button and wait for the LED to stay solid red. At that point, test the steering wheel control.

I located the XM unit in a compartment behind the glove box (plenty of room there) and I routed the cable and mounted the antenna inside the windshield on the passenger side. The reception is really good, so I didn't have to mount the antenna outside.

I ran the microphone cable above the flashers switch. A matter of removing a small cover.

This is how it looks after I put everything in place:

For the video bypass, I only had to ground the green e-brake cable.

As a protective meassure I ordered this fake faceplate:

However, being a common item, it could be counterproductive to use it, so I ordered a 07 Versa OEM faceplate. I didn't have to alter it in any way. It fits perfectly in place of the JVC faceplate.

Now it looks like it still has the stock radio.

Here's a video showing the DVD player and steering wheel control in action:

Later, I intend to install a backup camera and a videogame console (haven't decided which yet).
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How do you like the head unit? Can you trigger google now or siri via bluetooth using the steering wheel buttons?
So far I like it very much. Those polk audio speakers sound much better now.

I haven't messed with it much. I've been using it mostly with Sirius and a USB thumbdrive. Just got a new Android phone so I'll mess a bit more over the weekend.
I give you mad kudos man it looks amazing. I just have a double din alpine not the touchscreen kind just the digital reviver with blue tooth
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